Emerging Markets for Combined Heat & Power

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Tuesday, October 20
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Emerging Markets for Combined Heat & Power

Combined heat and power (CHP) is defined as the use of on-site power generation to provide both electricity and heat at the same time. This process is more fuel efficient than a conventional power plant because otherwise-wasted heat can be used in a productive manner such as space heating, or cooling.

The University of Maine has been designated as one of ten US Department of Energy (DOE) CHP centers dedicated to promotion, technical support, and deployment of cost-effective and highly efficient CHP technologies throughout the nation (UMaine News).

Get updated on the latest developments in Combined Heat & Power and learn the potential of the technology, with our expert panel. 

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1:00 PM    Welcome

Suzanne Watson (Moderator), Principal, Watson Strategy Group

Dr. David Dvorak, Director, University of Maine’s New England Combined Heat & Power Technical Assistance Partnership (CHP TAP)

1:10 PM    Overview of Current microCHP Technologies Plus Results of Two New National CHP-Related Studies

Eric Burgis, Director of Commercial Markets, Energy Solutions Center, Washington DC

Review of the current status of microCHP technologies and outcomes of two recent studies involving grid vs CHP emissions and the cost of electric storage systems related to CHP.

1:35 PM    Technology Innovation in the Commercial and Residential Sectors

Lizzy Reinholt, Sr Director of Sustainability & Corporate Affairs, Summit Utilities

Discussion of renewable fuel options, innovative policy development initiatives, small-scale CHP

2:00 PM    Resources in Support of Small Scale CHP Projects

Dr. David Dvorak, Director, New England Combined Heat and Power Technical Assistance Partnership

Reducing risks in emerging markets for CHP, e-Catalog

2:15 PM    Q&A/Discussion among Panelists and Attendees

2:30 PM    Adjourn